Upright Display Cases

Upright Display Showcases: The Workhorse of Our Display Line

Upright DisplayOur Upright Display Cases are the perfect balance of quantity and quality. With 4 rows of 12” deep shelving, you can display more products in the most efficient amount of retail space. Our upright displays can be used against a wall or in an aisle as they can be with clear glass or hardboard backs.

Like all of our high-quality display cases, our wall display cases can be ordered with a wide variety of options including high-quality LED light fixtures we custom manufacture to fit our cases perfectly.

Whether you need 1 or 101, you can count on getting the highest quality wall display case available. We offer a wide variety of “Dealer Ready” finished cases in a multitude of sizes, finishes and options, or can build your cases custom in any configuration you can imagine.