The Secrets to Retail Displays that Win Sales

Take a minute and look around your retail space, paying particular attention to the fixtures. Are they there to just hold merchandise or do they serve a purpose? By serving a purpose, we mean do they encourage the leap between someone who’s just browsing and someone who makes a purchase?

In other words, does your visual merchandising seal the deal and convert to paying customers?

A surprising number of businesses answer yes to this question without understanding what it means. When effectively merchandised, retail fixtures can do much of the sales work for you. Here’s how to create stunning displays that win over customers.

Point of Purchase Displays that Perform

Just for a minute, let’s take the focus off potential customers that are browsing and the paying customers at your register. If you’ve provided excellent service and supplied them with something of value, you might think your work is done.

But, you’re missing out on a key sales opportunity.

The point of purchase area is prime real estate for additional sales if you’re merchandising it effectively. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for retailers to just throw a mixed bag of products up there with no real intent.

Retail display cases at or near the registers provide an opportunity for you to maximize impulse sales by providing customers with something they didn’t even know they wanted. The key to making this happen is being purposeful in your design.

Priority one is staying focused on what’s going to encourage an add on purchase. Displays should be clean and organized, with items clearly displayed. This is not the area you want to crowd with miscellaneous displays. Instead, one display with a clearly defined theme is what will get attention.

Secondly, don’t attempt to appeal to a niche market with this display. You want merchandise that has broad appeal. Think along the lines of items that customers of all ages and backgrounds would enjoy with a price point that isn’t prohibitive to someone that’s already spending their hard-earned money in your store.

Finally, keep visual appeal in mind. Clean lines, a single sign and symmetrical placement are all pleasing to the eye and encourage interest.

First Impressions Make the Sale

What your customers see as they enter your store matters and your entryway display is a critical space for making that first impression.

Entryway displays need to visually convey the message of your brand and entice customers with value. Sloppy or disorganized displays are instant turn-offs.

To create a beautiful entryway display, think about the aesthetics. What type of retail shelving or display fixtures are being used in this area and do they visually represent the image you want to present? Display units that are custom built with wood, sleek metals or high-quality glass combine beautifully with purposefully displayed merchandise.

It’s important to also keep a theme in mind with entry displays. You can use product type, color or any other visual theme to tie it all together for the customer. Displays without a theme tend to look like clearance tables, and that’s not the first impression you want to give to a new customer walking through your door.

Beautiful Custom Display Fixtures

To create gorgeous displays that convert, you need to start with a foundation of top quality display fixtures. No matter what your needs, we have a solution that fits. Contact Jahabow today and discover our large selection of premade and custom display fixtures that will beautify your store and increase sales.