Secure Display Cases

High Security Display Case Construction and Lexan Glass Deters “Smash and Grab” Crimes

Security glass display case exampleWhen you are in the business of retailing high-quality expensive items like jewelry, handbags, or firearms it’s an unfortunate fact-of-life that there are some bad people in the world who try and steal other people’s merchandise.  Any of our showcases can be manufactured to make unauthorized access extremely difficult.

We use incredibly strong Lexan Glass which is reinforced to the point that it simply cannot be smashed with tools as heavy as a full-size sledge hammer.  We reinforce the doors, hinges, and locks to make them pry resistant and nearly impossible to open without a key.

In a “smash and grab” burglary or worse, a robbery when your store is open, seconds count.  When the bad guys figure out how difficult it is to break into a Jahabow Security Case, they often just leave. Our security features are often included in our custom jewelry display cases as well as many other custom showcases and pre-built displays we manufacture.

How Do We Make our High Security Cases Resist Smash and Grab?

  • High Quality Engineering and Construction
  • Reinforced Glass
  • Reinforced Doors
  • Pry Resistant Locks