Extra Vision Display Cases

Extra Vision Displays With Multiple Levels of Display Space to Maximize Your Merchandising Footprint

extra vision display case, showcase example photoOur Extra Vision Display Cases are all about Merchandising! Every available square inch of the case can showcase your merchandise, with nothing out of sight of your customers. Extra Vision Display Cases come with one 8” adjustable glass shelf and a second adjustable glass shelf a bit deeper at 10”.

These cases give your merchandising team the flexibility to adjust your jewelry, watches, handbags, or any high-quality merchandise to easily catch your customers eye.

Our Extra Vision Cases can be ordered with a wide variety of options including high-quality LED light fixtures we custom manufacture to perfectly fit our cases. We also carry full vision displays and half vision displays.

Whether you need 1 or 100, you can count on getting the highest quality extra vision display case available. We offer a wide variety of “Dealer Ready” finished cases in a multitude of sizes, finishes and options, or can build your cases custom in any configuration you can imagine.