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3 Essential Features of High Quality, Secure Retail Display Cases

When you feature valuable merchandise in your retail location, you want to make sure that it’s beautifully displayed while being protected. Secure display cases are a sound investment for your business, but how do you know that you’re getting the integrity of construction that your merchandise deserves. 

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5 Reasons That Secure Display Cases Will Enhance Your Cannabis Dispensary

Currently, laws that allow some form of legalized marijuana – either for medicinal or recreational use – exist in 33 states, plus the District of Columbia. With the majority of states supporting legalized marijuana use, there has been a significant increase in the number of dispensaries across the nation. Marijuana dispensaries are highly regulated, and […]

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Jahabow’s TDL Rating and What It Means for Your Retail Security

Theft is a growing problem for retail businesses in the United States. According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, inventory shrink costs retail business $46.8 billion a year, with a large portion of that coming from consumer theft. While it’s easy to view this number and be discouraged, the good news is […]

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What Really Matters in Deciding Between Stock and Custom Retail Shelving Options

When someone walks into your retail location, what do you want their first impression to be. Most merchants would say that they want to be perceived as professionals who are invested in quality and the customer experience. There are a lot of elements that perform together to form that first impression and one of the […]

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Display Cases

5 Types of Retailers That Benefit the Most From Secure Display Cases

There’s always a cost to doing business, and for some retailers, a big part of that cost is preventing loss through both theft and damage to their merchandise. In fact, some businesses are so vulnerable that they have to make loss prevention a key factor in their business strategy. Unfortunately, there are challenges to protecting […]

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Jewelry Cases

Setting Up Your Jewelry Cases for Success

Jewelry speaks to the heart. Unlike many other types of purchases, there’s usually some sort of emotion behind a jewelry purchase. People purchase jewelry as an act of celebration, remembrance or love, which means it’s almost always a purchase that involves serious consideration. Even the most beautifully designed jewelry isn’t going to just sell itself. […]

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Secure Display Cases

The Most Important Features to Look for in Secure Display Cases

When you have expensive merchandise, you can’t take any chances that your display cases aren’t going to step up to the challenge of protecting your assets. You need secure display cases built with integrity and features that protect your merchandise from potential damage and theft. When you’re looking at the options, it’s important to recognize […]

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5 Visual Merchandising Tips for Jewelers

For retailers who specialize in jewelry, visual merchandising is one of the most important keys to success. When someone is considering buying a piece of jewelry, the first thing they consider is its visual appeal. They want jewelry that is presented beautifully and tells a story, and when merchandised properly, each piece can do this […]

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The Secrets to Retail Displays that Win Sales

Take a minute and look around your retail space, paying particular attention to the fixtures. Are they there to just hold merchandise or do they serve a purpose? By serving a purpose, we mean do they encourage the leap between someone who’s just browsing and someone who makes a purchase? In other words, does your […]

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5 Reasons Great Retail Display Cases are a Must-Have

It’s the first impression that a customer forms as they walk through your door that will form their perception of your business. Every successful retail location knows it isn’t just the products you carry that matter, but also how you display them. In the retail industry, the goal is to showcase merchandise in a way […]

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