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Increasing Cannabis Dispensary Sales with the Right Merchandising

It’s easy to assume that cannabis sells itself, but that’s not necessarily the case. Your dispensary is like any other brick-and-mortar business, but the industry you’re in also lends itself to misconceptions and miseducation about your product. So it’s just as important (probably even moreso) to optimize cannabis dispensary merchandising as it is for any […]

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Are You Blocking Your Customer’s Path to Purchase?

Your entryway is more than an entrance. It’s the first visual impression that a customer gets of your store. The image you present here can affect the entire customer experience. That’s a lot of pressure when you stop and think about it. You definitely need to make an impressive visual impact. You’ve probably noticed that […]

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Four Reasons to Keep Your Display Cases Clean (and everything else too)

The following guest post was contributed by ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning, a locally owned cleaning franchise in southwest Virginia.  Are you looking for a quick, easy way to give your business a boost? You’ve taken the time to carefully curate a collection in your display case that’s ready and waiting to be sold, but is your […]

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Five Tips for Designing an Appealing Display Case

Photo by Elisha Terada on Unsplash If you want your products to get the attention (and the sales) they deserve, it’s essential to design an appealing display case.  Here are five tips, courtesy of the Jahabow team in Owensville, MO USA. Pick a Theme Though all of your display cases needn’t look exactly the same, […]

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How is 3D Printing Impacting The Jewelry Industry?

Jahabow display cases are used across many retail environments, from national big box club stores to local independent jewelry shops. We work closely with our customers and strive to add value by following and understanding the issues and trends that affect them. In this blog post, I take a closer look at an emerging trend […]

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Customer Experience in trying on your engagement ring.

Does Ecommerce meet quality Customer Experience?

Ecommerce might be the new normal… but What about ‘Customer Experience’? Search, Point, Click, and it’s at your door.  No fuss and no hassle… but no customer experience and no customer loyalty. Today’s fast-paced, online environment gives many retailers the false impression that their digital forefront can replace the in-store customer experience. However, as the […]

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