Store Design

How Your Retail Display Cases Influence Your Store Design

There are multiple elements that go into designing a store that customers love to shop, with the floor layout being one of the most important. A good layout considers customer behaviors and the details that influence buying decisions. Each person who enters your store should be able to move around easily and shop without ever […]

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Jewelry Cases

Setting Up Your Jewelry Cases for Success

Jewelry speaks to the heart. Unlike many other types of purchases, there’s usually some sort of emotion behind a jewelry purchase. People purchase jewelry as an act of celebration, remembrance or love, which means it’s almost always a purchase that involves serious consideration. Even the most beautifully designed jewelry isn’t going to just sell itself. […]

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Secure Display Cases

The Most Important Features to Look for in Secure Display Cases

When you have expensive merchandise, you can’t take any chances that your display cases aren’t going to step up to the challenge of protecting your assets. You need secure display cases built with integrity and features that protect your merchandise from potential damage and theft. When you’re looking at the options, it’s important to recognize […]

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5 Visual Merchandising Tips for Jewelers

For retailers who specialize in jewelry, visual merchandising is one of the most important keys to success. When someone is considering buying a piece of jewelry, the first thing they consider is its visual appeal. They want jewelry that is presented beautifully and tells a story, and when merchandised properly, each piece can do this […]

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The Secrets to Retail Displays that Win Sales

Take a minute and look around your retail space, paying particular attention to the fixtures. Are they there to just hold merchandise or do they serve a purpose? By serving a purpose, we mean do they encourage the leap between someone who’s just browsing and someone who makes a purchase? In other words, does your […]

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5 Reasons Great Retail Display Cases are a Must-Have

It’s the first impression that a customer forms as they walk through your door that will form their perception of your business. Every successful retail location knows it isn’t just the products you carry that matter, but also how you display them. In the retail industry, the goal is to showcase merchandise in a way […]

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5 Tips for Giving Your Retail Displays Cases a Makeover

Have you been looking around your retail space recently and thinking that maybe it was time for a change? One of the first places you should look is your display cases. Retail fixtures serve the purpose of displaying your product, but they can also do so much more for you. The right retail display cases, […]

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How to Decide What Type of Retail Display Case Is Right for Your Business

The right display cases can make a major impact on the appearance, and efficiency, of your retail space. For businesses just opening, or maybe considering a remodel, choosing display cases is an important part of the process, but it can also be confusing. Is there really a difference between one display cases, and which one […]

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Are You Blocking Your Customer’s Path to Purchase?

Your entryway is more than an entrance. It’s the first visual impression that a customer gets of your store. The image you present here can affect the entire customer experience. That’s a lot of pressure when you stop and think about it. You definitely need to make an impressive visual impact. You’ve probably noticed that […]

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Why Investing in Secure Display Cases Can Save Your Business Money

Being successful in a retail means paying extra special attention to how you display your merchandise. From a customer’s point of view, attractively displayed merchandise is more appealing than cluttered shelves, racks and cases. But, using the right display elements is more than a way of enhancing your customer’s experience. As a retailer, your display […]

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